Studying orchestration at University, playing in folk and ska bands, and working alongside composers such as James Horner, Alexandre Desplat and Harry Gregson-Williams at Abbey Road Studios have all helped hone my musical instincts when it comes to arrangement.

Whether you need a string section to make your choruses come alive, or a choral style backing vocal arrangement, or guitars drum and bass to add to an acoustic guitar and vocal, I can help.

With the help of virtual instruments including Komplete 10 from Native Instruments, I can compose and programme additional instruments to compliment your song. I can then either provide you with sheet music, so you can record live players, or take the time to add extra articulation and nuance to the digital instruments and make them sound more human and expressive and provide you with audio files to add to your mix.

Get in touch with your requirements and I will give you a quote.

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