Full Production Services

My favourite aspect of recording, is seeing a song through from conception in the rehearsal room to the finished product pumping out the stereo.

Having spent over 15 years playing in bands, I have developed a good ear for how to translate the performance of a live band into a great sounding studio record, retaining the energy of a live show, but with the clarity and precision of a modern recording. This can involves adding extra layers of guitars, or making adjustments to the arrangement of songs to help them build and deliver as you want them to.

I will work with you and your band to get the best out of your songs in terms of sound, performance and attitude.

Every project is different, so please get in touch and let me know what you’re looking for and we can work out how to get the best results within your budget.

I will help you through the process of making a record from beginning to end by any or all of the following –

  • Getting acquainted with your material, either in person or via phone recordings or rough demos
  • Advising you on arrangements (if required)
  • Creating pre-production demos, with programmed drums and amp modelled guitars so you can get a flavour of how things will turn out
  • Using my years of studio experience to bring out the best in your instruments and your performance in the studio
  • Editing and mixing the tracks to a professional standard
  • Mastering your record for release
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