Pre-production Demo

Before spending a lot of money going into a studio to record your songs, it’s important to make sure that your arrangements are solid and everyone in the band is happy with what everyone else is playing. In a rehearsal studio, it’s often hard to hear all the nuances of everyone else’s parts, especially when you have to concentrate on what you’re doing at the same time.

One solution is to set up a dictaphone or a phone voice recorder app in the room so you can listen back and hear how it sounds as a whole. These are helpful, but the quality still makes it hard to hear everything in detail.

Most bands have access to some basic recording software such as Garageband and can make rough demos of guitars and vocals, but drums are a bit trickier.

Send me your rehearsal room recordings of your new songs and I will listen to what your drummer plays and programme a midi drum kit to recreate their parts. I can then either send you a midi or audio file of the drum part to your song, so you can record your other instruments over the top to create a demo version of your song to listen back to.

My introductory rate for this service is just £10 per song.

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Phone recording of Smokey Bastard playing the song “Can of Worms” in a rehearsal studio

Demo version for “Can of Worms” by Smokey Bastard. All instruments are programmed or performed and recorded by Aled Jenkins based on the phone recording above.